About Us


If you know the owner Don, then you already know that you are about to embarque into a fun story.  You see Don has worked in the flooring industry for a million years (ok, maybe not that long) and one of the things he noticed is that every time they would do a tile installation there was a problem.

There were no options for flush mount vents for tile flooring.  Don could have just ignored the obvious down falls he was seeing and continue to set tile job after tile job however, his niece was involved in an automobile accident that left her confined to a wheelchair.  She was determined to not let this affect her ability to be as independent as possible.

When her floor vents, of all things, kept her from doing just that!  She would call Don numerous times and complain that her vents were either breaking or denting and ask if he could come fix them-after all he is the flooring expert of the family. Those vents which are raised above the floor were continually creating issues, not allowing her to easily move across the house to get where she need to be.

So, Don set out to change the world (or a small part of it), and came up with a solution, the Ventique Vent.  He specifically designed a flush mount frame and grill to be installed with ALL flooring types.


All our vents are flush mount making them handicap accessible. For those in wheelchairs, scooters, or even using walkers, even the smallest bump of a raised floor vent can be a huge obstacle-and a safety risk.

Ventique flush mount vents remove these transitions from the equation. Composed of powder-coated aluminum, these flush mount vents do not bend, crack, rust, peel, or chip. Ventique Vents add to the look, feel and value of a home instantaneously. They are strong enough to be used in industrial setting and stylish enough to be used in luxury multi-million-dollar homes.

Ventiques is here to offer a solution for flooring installers and homeowners alike – vents that are as unique as your floors. Don has strong values about the quality of a product and why it is worth doing something right if you are going to do it at all. We pride ourselves in being able to give you the highest quality product on the market-the very same one we us in our own homes! Those same values guide the company and everything we do.


Our Amazing Team

Don ventiques


President ,CEO

I started Ventiques in 2006.  I am the inventor of the product itself, and President & CEO of the company.  He has over 30 years of experience in the flooring industry. 

Nick ventiques


 Director of Marketing & Sales

Nick began working for Ventiques in 2018.  As Director of Marketing & Sales, he is responsible for promoting and growing the Ventiques Brand.

Kamille ventiques


Sales Executive

Kamille recently joined the Ventiques Team in 2022.  She is currently working in Sales for the company and is also a full-time college student-athlete.