FAQ Frequently Asked Questions

  • What are the Benefits for setting up a Customer Account?

    The benefits for setting up a customer account are, you’ll get information regarding special promotional events, pre-order sales on new products,  and many discount coupons to use for orders.

  • Do these vents come with a warranty at all?

    Yes all of our grill inserts come with a lifetime warranty to never rust, chip, peel, or crack.

  • Are the grills interchangeable?

    Ventiques unique design allows for all of the grills to be interchangeable with each frame, allowing you to change the look you want at any time.

  • Can you custom make any size opening?

    Yes you can make custom sizes. The cost of such request raises the price substantially, with minimum lead time of 8 weeks.

  • What is the weight support limit?

    Ventique vents can support up to 850 lbs of compression strength. All our vents are made of aluminum with a tuff baked on finish.

  • What makes Ventiques Unique?

    Ventiques 2 part design is what sets them apart from other options out there. With its interchangeable grills, and flush mount frame design, all your vents will be flush mount and have a smooth transition. No more raised vents above the floor, and no more stubbed toes, or tripping hazards to worry about.

  • How do you measure for the correct size vent?

    First remove your existing floor vent if you have one installed, then all you need to do is measure the size of your duct work, length and width. This will give you the correct size vent to order.

  • Do you have custom styles and colors available?

    Yes we can offer custom styles or colors with a minimum order quantity. Please contact for more details about custom orders.

  • What sizes do your vents come in?

    Ventiques come in 4 different sizes. 4×12, 4×10, 4×14, & 2×12. Our standard 4×12 size is available now, with our 3 other sizes coming soon, Due to the Covid-19 Health crisis we are waiting for stock to come in for those.

  • What type of flooring can these be used with.

    Ventique vents can be used with Tile, Laminate, Carpet, LVP. Virtually any type of flooring will work with our vents.

  • Can you use these for walls?

    Yes you can use our product for wall also.

  • Can my logo be engraved into the vents?

    Yes we offer engraving on the side of the grills for an additional fee. Lead times may vary depending on quantities.

  • How long does it take to ship?

    Once we get your order we will have it shipped from our warehouse within 48 hours.