American Flush Mount Wood Vent

7 Specialties About American Flush Mount Wood Vent and Considerations for Use

American wood vents provide extra performance due to the material quality and specialties added by the manufacturer. American Flush Mount Wood Vent is manufactured in the USA and brought to different nations for the best experiences. In this article, the information on specialties about American Cherry Flush is detailed in points. Let’s read below!

ventiques Flush Mount American Cherry

American Flush Mount Wood Vent​

Sits flush with hardwood flooring:

The wood vent grille sits in a rabbited frame which is grooved on four sides. This feature adds value & strength to the vent in a way that the vent also sits flush with hardwood flooring up to ¾ inches. The grille then sits down into the frame.

Easy cleaning of duct:

While using a flush mount considering the cleaning of duct is one of the most important concerns considered by American Flush Mount Wood vent. It covers a damper that would be installed with the grille inside which can be easily removed along with the grille and the duct can be easily cleaned.

Additional air flow:

The High output style allows 30 percent extra air flow than other wood vent. It is one of the best things that attract buyers to choose this product among different competitors.

Simple installation:

The installation of American Flush Mount vent is simple as there is no part extended below or above the floor thickness. The most common installation method is to install during the installation of the wood floor.

Offers Retrofitting:

The flush mount wooden vent can be retrofitted with a bit of patience & true workmanship.  The vent frame would be routered into the existing floor & adhered/nailed in place with the grille then sitting inside the frame.

Quality material and aesthetics;

The American floor wooden vent is manufactured with a variety of species to match your floor. Species such as Red Oak, Cherry, Ash, White Oak, Hickory, Pine, Brazilian cherry, Maple, Mahogany, Cypress, Walnut, Bamboo to name just a few of the wood species.  We can even take your existing wood & make that into a vent to match your existing floor.


The wooden vent is affordable as even after possessing the best features it is available at the best prices. You can buy it online and enjoy the most relevant features one would look for in a wooden vent.

Few considerations about American Wood Vent:

  1. Not made for heavy weight:

Do not put heavy weight on these wooden vents as these are not manufactured to hold excess weight.

  1. Best fit for home and less traffic areas:

Using these vents for home or less traffic areas is suggested as these are not meant for high traffic areas.

  1. Clean periodically:

Clean the wooden vent periodically to ensure hygiene and durable maintenance.

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