The Best Floor Vent Options for High Traffic Areas

A lot of places have floor vents of high quality where HVAC units are installed. For homes, any type of floor register might be the right pick but for the high traffic areas one must be very cautious because the durable material can only be the best option for such cases. In this blog, you will get to know about the best options you can consider in vents for high traffic areas or where the usage is higher than usual in places.

What are floor vents?
Floor vents are covers made for going over the top of openings that are in locations where HVAC unit duct work is installed in order to force hot or cool air into the space to maintain the temperature of the space. These floor vents have holes in them to offer good circulation of air flow throughout the space. They are available in different Sizes, Colors and Designs to accommodate your own personal look.
You can also call a floor vent as flush mount floor register when it combines with a damper. Floor vents are also often called a grille as well. So, there is many words to describe a floor vent.
ventiques vent for high traffic area

What are the types of floor vents one may opt for?

General vents come with no additional decorative styles. These are basic or simple in pattern and the colors are normally White or Brown. Most often during the installation stage of your HVAC system they installed the basic style of vent.

Decorative vents are bought by the users as these complement the home or any other place. These vents are normally replacing the General vent as stated above. Because the moment when someone notices them in your home the overall feeling is to be very elegant and classy

Metal or in this case the Original vent are generally bought by people for their homes and offices and especially for the high traffic places. This is because these are the most durable and can be maintained easily. But still look elegant & classy while being very tough & durable.

Wooden vents appreciate the wood flooring and look aesthetically very beautiful. But in the high traffic areas these might not be the choice of many due to the risk of breakage on carrying too much weight. Flush mount wooden vents need more maintenance than metal vents and, in such areas, where people can walk over them a lot these might not be the best choice because of the wear & tear on the grille

Kanyon style vents are also made with the metal body & grille with different designs and come with no damper. You can also refer to this as a flush mount floor vent because this style of floor vent is used for the sole purpose of being installed flush with the top of your flooring surface. These are also as durable as the Metal / Original vents described earlier

What is the best vent option for high traffic area?
In high traffic areas it is also important to maintain the temperature of the space but the thing where most people get confused is what is the best option? The answer to this question can be easily derived from the brief explanations of different types of vents mentioned above. Metal and Kanyon style vents can be the best choice for areas with high traffic.

Advantages of metallic and Kanyon vents:

Metal & Kanyon vents are installed in areas where the grille is suspectable to more traffic from normal wear & tear to moisture problems in high traffic entryways to name a few. These are installed with new flooring installation or as a remodel type vent which is the Kanyon series.

Metal vents are durable as these are made of aluminum. This is one of the main reasons people choose them because durability is a major factor to considered while buying vents. They have a baked-on powder coat finish. Another reason is these are decorative as well. Most often people are replacing the general vent with the Kanyon or the Metal. Just because we as a society often overlook the value of a good vent until the General vent fails.

2.Elegance and style:
Metal vents look elegant and stylish at the same time. Being that it simply looks classier than various other materials and especially for the commercial or high traffic places. Due to the style and elegance people mostly buy these vents to enhance the aesthetics of their home or office.

3.Less maintenance:
You need not to maintain these vents like various other vents. Generally, which is why these are highly preferable for places where visitors come more than other areas. These need low maintenance and can be cleaned easily. Because of the manufacturing & finishing of these vents

4.No need for more options:
As metal vents look classy there is no need to look for more options in them. These vents look like there only made for high end homes but in all fairness there made for every type of home or office you can imagine. So, people who want to go with a classy & elegant look with durability in mind. You can choose metal floor register that will match your taste.

Is there any problem associated with metallic vents?
There is not much to be concerned about these metal vents. If there was a small concern, I’d say it would be the installation of the Original style vent that needs to be installed during a new flooring installation vs the Kanyon style can be installed after installation of the flooring. Which can be tedious to make the cuts in your flooring correct to “butt up” to the Kanyon smoothly once the assembly is installed. Like I said this is a small concern. But there is installation videos online & on YouTube as well.

Kanyon vents:
Kanyon vents are also stylish but does not come with a damper so if you are looking for a vent with damper then this might not be the best pick for you. They are working on adding a damper to this series. But it just has not come out yet. There are drop in dampers that fit “down” into the cavity of the duct work. But if you require just a vent that is meant for high traffic that’s adjustable for any floor thickness from 3/16” to whatever thickness you want, then this is the flush mount floor vent for you. You won’t be disappointed!!!!

Where to buy best vents for high traffic areas?
The best vents you can buy for high traffic areas is through their website or their dealers. You can buy them at your local flooring retailer and if they don’t carry them simply ask them to. Or you can look at all options on the website of Ventiques.com.

If you want to buy various other vents then you can also buy them in different styles and colors. They are selling Metal (Original), Wood, and Kanyon style vents. Come look at the website of Ventiques and choose the best pick for you. Get the best offers on all vents & look up the discounted pricing on some of its products. They also offer Bundles. This can be done by filling a form on its “Account Set Up page” They offer great value discounts to “people of the trade” such as Flooring retails, Distributors, Architects, Designers Installers. Builders, Remodelers to name a few.