The Ventiques “Breeze”: A Fresh Take on Floor & Wall Vents

The Ventiques “Breeze”:

 A Fresh Take on Floor & Wall Vents


Today’s modern homes are using floor & wall vents more than ever as a way to circulate fresh air into their homes. The unique design of the Ventique “Breeze” is a modern take on the traditional floor vent that makes it both eye-catching and energy efficient. This fresh look is just one of many reasons why this vent is a popular option for homeowners looking to circulate fresh air with the help of an indoor ventilation system. Read on to learn more about this innovative new product from Ventiques and see if it’s right for your home!

What is a Floor & Wall Vent?

A floor vent, or indoor ventilation system, is a means of bringing fresh air into your home from the outside. Floor vents come in many different shapes and sizes, but they all share the same basic concept of being an opening in your floor, ceiling or wall that allows air to flow freely into the home. Vents come in many different materials and styles. The most common materials for vents are metal, plastic, and wood. Most vents are rectangular, but you can also find round vents as well.

What Makes the Ventique Breeze Unique?

When you see a floor vent, the first thing you notice is the rectangular opening in the floor. That’s where the fresh air comes in. But what makes the Ventique Breeze unique is that, unlike other floor vents, it’s one of the only ones with a decorative top.  This, combined with its decorative top, gives the Breeze a unique, eye-catching look that perfectly complements modern interior decorating styles. The Breeze style is designed to have its own look, which is a modern look with angled slots to not slow down or restrict any air flow coming from your air handler. Normally, indoor vents bring in air from outside the house and exhaust it back out, with the goal of keeping indoor air fresh and clean. But that varies by country, territory & the climate surrounding your house.

Benefits of Ventilation in Your Home

– Improved Indoor Air Quality- Air quality inside your home is a serious matter. Poor indoor air quality can lead to a variety of health risks, including allergies, asthma, and even infections. Ventilation systems help keep indoor air fresh and clean. – Energy Savings- A properly functioning ventilation system can help reduce your energy bills. Fresh air flows in through your vents and flows out through your house’s air vents, naturally reducing the amount of heated or cooled air you need to use in your home. Some houses even having humidifiers & dehumidifiers to help with the Humidity in the air – Health and Comfort- A system of strategically placed vents throughout your home can help keep you healthy, as well as help you feel more comfortable in your home.  – Added Freshness- If you have plants in your home, you can even turn your indoor vents into a way to naturally freshen the air in your home. Just add a few plants near your vents and let them do the rest!

Is the Ventique Breeze Right for You?

If you’re looking for an indoor ventilation system that’s eye-catching, the Ventique Breeze might be the perfect choice for you. Its unique design and modern functionality make it a great addition to any home, especially if you’re trying to achieve a modern interior design. If you have a home with both a forced-air heating and cooling system and a gas fireplace, you can install the Ventiques Air vents to bring in fresh air and keep out toxins and allergens. The Breeze Air vents is designed to work with your forced-air heating and cooling system and is easy to install. It can be installed vertically or horizontally and is available in multiple finishes and materials. All finishes are either powder coated or baked on.

How to Install a Ventique Breeze

– The locations should be chosen by your HVAC contractor.  Also, keep in mind that the Breeze can be installed either on the wall, ceiling & floor. – Select a mounting surface. The Breeze Air Vents comes with a mounting bracket that you can attach to walls, ceilings, or floors. -To Install the Breeze Air vents. Attach the mounting bracket to your mounting surface. Remove the front cover from the Breeze Air vents and place the mounting bracket over your opening. Put the front cover back on, and tighten the screws. The Breeze Air vents are ready to use. – Once you set up the Breeze Air vents, turn on your forced-air system. This will draw or push air through the Breeze Air vents and into your home. Keep in mind that the frame should be flush with the top of your finished surface.  Once the grill is reinstalled it will look like the photo above.

Final Words

The Ventique Breeze is a great choice for homeowners who want an indoor ventilation system but want something that looks a little different than the standard rectangular vent. The Breeze is designed to be flush mounted with your finished surface. It is a unique indoor ventilation system that brings in fresh air while keeping out toxins and allergens. It’s easy to install a Ventiques Air Vents, and you can install it almost anywhere in your home. With the most beautiful vent anyone has seen.