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Making Vents the Right Way

Making Vents the Right Way

Ventiques is here to offer a solution for flooring installers and homeowners alike—vents that are as unique as your floors. Unlike others, our products are easy to install, and they hold up to everything. With our variety of styles and finishes, you’ll find flush mount vents that complement every home, and are also handicap friendly.

Over the years, we have found that ordinary raised floor vents don’t add anything to a home’s look, feel, or value. So, we set out to create a product that is not only functional and stylish, but also easy to install.

Ventiques Metal Vents are compatible with nearly any type of hard flooring, and they’re flush-mount for a seamless finish. We’ve designed them to install easily into everything from intricate tile to laminate. And in durability tests, our powder-coated vents have proven their weight by upholding more than 850 pounds.

For those in wheelchairs, scooters, or even using walkers, even the smallest bump of a raised floor vent can be a huge obstacle—and a safety risk. Ventiques flush mount vents remove these transitions from the equation, all thanks to our founder’s vision to eliminate that exact household hurdle for his wheelchair-bound niece. Since inception, Ventiques has filled a void in homes, churches, and other places that should be nothing but welcoming.

We pride ourselves in being able to give you the highest quality product on the market—the very same one we use in our own homes. Want to learn more? Get in touch with our team today!


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