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Ventique Metal Vents

Ventique Metal Vents are here to offer a solution for flooring installers and homeowners alike-vents that are as unique as your floors. Over the years, we found that ordinary raised drop-in floor vents do not add anything to a home’s look, feel or value.  So, we set out to create a custom product that is functional and stylish, but also easy to install for skilled craftsman and DIY homeowners.  Ventique metal vents are compatible with nearly any type of flooring, and their flush mount for a seamless finish.  Our unique design with its flush mount frame and grill inserts set them apart from other vents. Our frame design is a ½” thick allowing for most tile flooring to be set flush with the frame. Composed of powder coated aluminum our vents will not rust chip, bend, crack, or peel.  And in durability tests our metal vents have proven their weight by upholding more than 875 pounds. Ventique metal vents come in 4 styles:  Breeze w/or without our built-in damper, Avalanche, Forest and Tornado, and 8 color options like Arctic White, Burnt Leaf, Desert Sand, Midnight Black, Mountain Fog, Safari Dust, Brushed Platinum, and Smokey Shale.

Ventique Wood Vents

Our Wood vents are nothing but the highest quality product on the market. Let the natural beauty of wood give your home the warm, welcoming feeling you are looking for.  Our wood grilles are the perfect option to complement your hardwood floors, they even look great on other products like Tile, Stone, and Carpet.  We stock a variety of Domestic wood species. like Red & White Oak, Walnut, Maple, Hickory, Ash, R/O Oak, American Cherry and Pine.  We also have Exotic species like Brazilian Cherry, Tigerwood, Santos Mahogany, Cumaru, and IPE, .  Our wood vent collection includes many styles like Flush Mount, Drop-In/Self Rimming, Wall Return, Sidewall/Baseboard and our Metal frames with Wood Grill inserts and Wood frames with Metal Grill inserts. All our wood vents come in multiple sizes to choose from.

Smooth Transition Vents

Where Function Meets Style

Flush Mount Register | Smooth Transition | Easy Installation | Handicap Accessible | Multiple Styles & Finishes | Functional / Stylish

What makes us unique is that we sell directly to the customer, offer discounts to contractors and are featured in multiple retail locations around the United States of America. You don’t have to be a contractor to buy our products; you don’t have to hunt down a regional salesperson to have access to this high-quality floor vent. You can order right online.

Where Function Meets Style

  • Flush Mount Register
  • Smooth Transition
  • Easy Installation
  • Handicap Accessible
  • Multiple Styles & Finishes
  • Functional / Stylish
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Ventiques flush mount floor vents are the latest in design for people building new homes or remodeling a house.  We are shaking up the floor vent industry by giving you new and improved options in heating, air conditioning, and air exchange floor vents.  The inventor and owner of Ventiques didn’t just want to make one nice flush-mounted floor vent.  He is a master flooring installation expert and he knows what people want, they want high quality, beautiful designs at a realistic price.  That is why he came up with the four designs you see here in multiple color options.  It is also why he is currently working on new products and designs for the future.

We know, that you may never have thought about your floor vents before as being something that you could pick a different style.  Now you can.  Why wait, upgrade yourself from the standard old boring vents you settled for to something new, beautiful, and smooth on the surface, Ventiques vents.